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If you need more help

If you need more help, please contact our customer support team. We are here to help you always.

IQStream is providing IPTV streaming over the internet for more than 1500 TV channels including news, entertainment, music and sports channels and a wide variety of popular on-demand content, including well-known entertainment programs, series, movies, music clips and more. You can enjoy this great content straight to your TV through IQStream IPTV Box.
“Please note that all TV channels are available on the IQStream IPTV for public users but our services are providing high quality and you will not find the same service anywhere”

Basically, after you purchase IQstream IPTV Box and subscribe to the box, we will send you an activation code to activate the box with us.
Once your Box is activated, you will enjoy watching our services with no interruption. IQstream IPTV Box doesn’t need professional installation or cables, just plug in and watch.

Visit the TV On-Demand option on our box, with a full list of all available On-Demand TV programs and movies.

We are constantly striving to add new, better and more channels, both in terms of live and on-demand content.
We will continue to work to launch the best channels available, so, please stay tuned

Currently, we have all channels available in package, Please visit Order Now Page for full details of our products and pricing.

  • IQstream IPTV offers you the best Channel lineup for less than half the cost of satellite or cable.
  • Best of all there is no messy installation, no expensive packages, and no expensive hardware.
  • You can enjoy our great content directly on your TV by subscribing to our service.
  • We will send you the IQstream IPTV Set top box which connects directly to your TV.
  • You need to have a high-speed internet connection at a minimum of 2 Mbps to be able to watch IQstream IPTV

IQstream IPTV Box? is supporting all languages (Arabic., English, Turkey, French, Persian, Russia, Spanish, Germany, Italy, …and much more).

Yes IQstream IPTV Box  comes with built in WiFi you do not need external WiFi adapter.

You can power cycle the IQstream IPTV Box by pressing the Power button on the remote for 8 seconds or you can disconnect the power adapter input and reconnect after few seconds.

Few models of Arris (Xfinity) may not work or occasionally have trouble connecting to the IQstream IPTV Box.

ARABIA TV Set-top box, Remote Control, Power adapter, HDMI cable.

The warranty is for one year

There is a 14 day return policy on your IQstream IPTV  if you purchase it from online shop (www.iqstreamiptv.com)
In case if you purchase the box from local reseller, you need to speak to them for their return / exchange policy as some of the resellers have their own return policy.

  • Please ensure that your box is plugged in and powered on.
  • The button on the back should be pressed On and you should see the Green power light on the front panel.
  • Make sure your internet cable is currently plugged in.
  • Test the internet connection on a laptop or computer first.
  • If the Orange light starts blinking on the box when you turn it on, it means your box is connected to the internet.
  • Make sure all access ports are open by visiting  (change link)
  • Clicking on the “Port Access” links. If any are showing as closed, please contact customer support at:

People often express confusion over whether a IQstream IPTV channel has a fee, how much it costs, or whether it’s a one-time charge or a subscription with a recurring fee. This confusion is understandable, as IQstream IPTV channels carry a wide range of fee structures and payment options. Here is an explanation that will help you understand IQstream IPTV channel pricing.


When adding a channel from the IQstream IPTV Channel Store, you will be presented with one of three options: Add Channel, Buy $0.99 (or other price), or Subscribe $1.99/mo (or other price and time period). If the option is to “Buy”, then you will be charged a one-time fee through IQstream IPTV using the credit card or PayPal account that you set up when you registered your IQstream IPTV. If you subsequently removed a payment method or registered without a payment method, you will need login to your IQstream IPTV account and provide credit card or PayPal information before purchasing.

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If the options is to “Subscribe”, then you will be charged by IQstream IPTV  as explained above, and will be charged at recurring intervals as identified in the subscription price. This is usually monthly or annually, but be careful – there was once a channel (no longer available) that charged $0.99 per DAY until canceled. If you subscribe to a channel and later wish to cancel, you can do that from your IQstream IPTV device. Just go to My Channels from the main menu and select the channel you wish to cancel; you will be able to cancel the subscription and remove the channel, or cancel the subscription and keep the channel on your device. After canceling a subscription purchased through IQstream IPTV, the channel can still be used through the end of the subscription period if you keep it on your device. You can check whether you have any existing subscriptions by logging into your IQstream IPTV account and selecting “Manage Your Subscriptions” under the “Manage Account” header.

If the option is simply Add Channel, then you don’t need to worry about unexpected fees for adding or using the channel. You may be required to purchase or subscribe through a non- IQstream IPTV website as discussed below, but you can safely add and open the channel for free. For added assurance that you don’t accidentally purchase or subscribe to a fee-based channel, it is recommended that you set up your account to require the use of a PIN to make any purchases. This can be done through the PIN Preference setting under My Account on the IQstream IPTV website.


 Service May Require Additional Fees

Many channels can be added for free, but you will need to pay through a non- IQstream IPTV website to gain access to all or some of the content. These channels will sometimes be marked in the channel store with the comment that “service may require additional fees”, but many channels requiring additional fees don’t carry this notice. Either way, you can be charged for these channels only by visiting a website and entering payment information there.

There are many variations on how these channels charge for service. Some are a one-time purchase, others offer monthly or annual subscriptions, and others charge an in-channel per-video rental or purchase fee. Many channels will also provide a limited-time free trial. All of them will require you to visit a website, establish an account, and then link your IQstream IPTV to that account either by entering a code (shown on your IQstream IPTV -connected TV) on the website or by logging into the channel from your IQstream IPTV device using the username and password from the account you established with the content provider.

Most IQstream IPTV channel providers are transparent with their costs and billing terms. Unfortunately, some providers make it difficult (or even impossible) to determine what the cost is until you’ve set up an account and provided them with contact information. The IQstream IPTV Channel Store does not provide costs for channels that are not billed through IQstream IPTV, but we try to provide this information on each IQstreamIPTV Guide.com channel page. You’ll find this information in the Fees category on the bottom half of each page. Be aware, though, that pricing often changes – you should always verify the billing terms through the provider before providing any payment information.

Are you frustrated or angry that IQstream IPTV requires you to enter a credit card or PayPal payment information to open an account? Are you afraid that IQstream IPTV is going to charge you to register your device? Maybe you’re afraid that IQstream IPTV’s systems will be hacked and your information will be stolen. If any of these apply to you, there’s good news – IQstream IPTV has an unpublicized “no credit credit” link available. Just go to https://iqstreamiptv.com/shop/ and you can create a free account and register your IQstream IPTV device or IQstream IPTV  without entering any payment information.

So, why does IQstream IPTV ask for payment information anyway? There is never any fee to create a IQstream IPTV account or to register a IQstream IPTV device. (More on that later.) IQstream IPTV asks for payment information to make it easier for users to purchase or subscribe to channels directly from their IQstream IPTV device. IQstream IPTV takes a cut of the payment when you’re billed through your IQstream IPTV account, so IQstream IPTV, Inc. also has a financial incentive to get your payment information.


At some point, though, you may decide that you want to sign up for a fee-based channel through your IQstream IPTV. If that happens, you’ll need to log into your IQstream IPTV account  https://iqstreamiptv.com/shop/, click the “update” button under the payment method heading, and enter credit card or PayPal account information there. TIP: When you enter payment information, make sure you add a PIN and selection the option to “always require a PIN to make purchases.” This will keep you from accidentally adding a fee-based channel, and will prevent your kids or other housemates making purchases on your account. With the PIN set to this option, you can still add free channels, but if you try to add a channel with a fee, you will be prompted to enter the PIN before you’re charged.


One more thing – as I said above, IQstream IPTV does not charge to create an account or to register a IQstream IPTV device. I’ve received a number of emails from irate IQstream IPTV customers who said that they called a toll-free number and were told that they had to pay a fee of up to $100 to register their device or to get technical support for setting up the device. Be aware that there are many fraudulent websites claiming to be the place to go to register your IQstream IPTV device or to get technical support. IQstream IPTV clearly states on their own website that “ IQstream IPTV does not charge an activation fee or charge for support.” For more information, IQstream IPTV has information on their support site at this link.

There is 14 days refund policy for IQstream IPTV Box if you purchased it from www.iqstreamiptv.com. In case if you purchased it from the reseller then you need to speak to the retailers for refund but retailers have their own policies .Some resellers refund the boxes and some do
not.But we are not responsible for the refund in case you purchased it from

IQstream IPTV Box comes with 1 year `Warranty .This Warranty covers any normal faults, which are not related to any mishandling or dropping on the surface, or misusing the box including the software which comes in the Media Box pre installed.

IQstream IPTV supports Standard Definition and HD Definition (480i, 480p, 720i, 720p, 1080i, 1080p).

You can connect one TV with a IQstream IPTV Box.

Your IQstream IPTV Box will come with IQstream IPTV Box, HDMI Cable, A/V Cable, Remote Control and AC Adapter.

We request you to click on ‘My Accounts’ section to see your transaction details. If you are still unable to subscribe/renew please contact us at iqstreamiptv.com

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